A new day :D

hey bloggie.
what a long long longgggg time no post.haha
u should punch me for this. :)

okay, how r u ?
aaah actually i miss blogging so much!
but the time doesnt give me a chance even to open my blog.
*in indonesia u can say this LEBAY

ok, i'm fine.
i just finished my mid term exam.
yaaa. quite good.
but i havent got all the result yet.
wish me luck ok??

yesterday i went to Brightspot market in PP
wow, i've got there for twice
first, i went with cilep and clement ( my junior high school's friend), i bought a scarf and a stripe tees.
then in the second day, i went with my parents(walking bank).
i bought a shirt.hahahah the 2nd day was more more crowded that the 1st.phew.
but it's ok, i'm satisfied. :D

andd the lastt.
today is sunday and i'll go to pasar baru for service my hair extension.
huaa. it's been months i haven't serviced it.huhu

see ya guys

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