Loooonnng time no Blog

yaa.too loongg alalong.haha

I've been starting my new class since last week.
about my new class.
-quite good
-new friends new habbits
-not too comfort for me

yaa.because there're some of my clasmate seems not appreciate other.
They talked about religion so BAD!
they bullying my religion.
they ever never see theirselves.
Honestly i hate them.

btw last week, 22 Aug '09
i went to a PENSI of IPEKA TOMANG.
it's quite Crowded.
and i met TANGGA!
uahh..i love this band so bad :))
and i have taken a pic with them
HAppy happy.

"Hebat" is one of their song that i love the most.
i sing along the song with them.yuhuu.
and i took so many pic with cynthia
Cyn is d one of my friend.
And u know what? she's being a model for K-Touch hp!
Isn't great?

And these are some of my pic. :))

me w/ cyn



me :)

me and charles

and the last..me with 2 of personils TANGGA :)) and Cynthia.

* HEy! do u realize that i've done xtension to get my hair longerr??haha is it nice??



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